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I really want to begin this blog with the theme – “Why we need to dance?”.There are so many reasons why dancing is good for us, it is very difficult to start enumerating them! The dances are very fun and useful for both the body, thus and for the mind. Besides being a great way for exercise, they have a really positive impact on our health. So, why is nice and helpful to dance? Here’s a chart of the seven best reasons, who to make you dance.

*1* A great way to exercise and stay in shape                                                                                                       The dancing is a great way to stay in good physical shape. If going to the gym is boring for you, the dance can return the fun in your exercise.

*2* Burn calories and lose weight
The dance means body movement. And not just any movement, movement in a beautiful way, which is a great tool for burning calories.

*3* Better coordination
The dances are a great way to improve your control over your own body. You will learn how to move with grace and confidence!

*4* Building of confidence
Dancing builds self-esteem, giving a feeling of success and accomplishment when you learn even the simplest and basic movement.

*5* A great way to meet with new people
It is proven, that dancing is real “icebreaker” and through them, you can easily meet new people and make new friends.

*6* Good mood
Whenever we are dancing, we enhance our mood. This can relieve your worries and stress.

*7* Good for the mind
Dancing will keep your mind active. Improve memory from the need to remember many and varied dance moves. Great exercise for the mind!

So – these are the seven main reasons why you should dance more. There are, of course, many benefits of dancing, but somewhere I must stop. 

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